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Giving your new course buyers instant access to the online course they just purchased is a big part of sharing your expertise and your clients or students finishing the course.

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This is especially try when you are selling multiple courses or if you sell more than courses.

On this site we sell online courses, technical and marketing support services and group and private coaching. So during the all important “Onboarding” process how do you get your new customer off to a great start and make sure your internal business processes work the way you want?

It’s not with the Standard WooCommerce Thank you page! In general the default thank you page looks something like this…

Sure the financial details of any purchase are important but when you buy a course – you want access to the course. When you join a learning campus – you want to get involved as a member. When you join a coaching program you want to get started on your journey.

The Default Thank You Page Has Nothing to do With Getting Started

Where’s My Course??

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You don’t want to get reminded how much you just bought and then start searching for the product or service.

Create A Personal Buying Experience

I’m going to show you how we have setup this site along how to do it.

I’ll also create a couple of additional video showing you how some free and paid plugins can be uses as well. Either way you’ll be able to get your new course buyers taking the online course they’ve purchased right after paying.

So start watching and learn how to create a custom thank you page when you sell courses with Woocommerce.