How To Earn Money Giving Away Courses

Are you thinking about growing your business by giving away one or all of your online courses?

This is especially try when you are selling multiple courses or if you sell more than courses.

Giving away a course or even courses can be a super effective way to grow you business by setting up the sale of additional courses, coaching and services.

I’m not talking about free trials… so how do you give away your course.

This is your chance to learn when, why and how you should give away courses. Inside this step by step video course you’ll learn:

  • If your type of business can benefit from giving away free online courses
  • How to replace the traditional ‘Lead Magnet’ strategies with a free online course
  • Why there are 2 ways to look at your courses before giving one away
  • 2 opposing follow up strategies that can dramatically improve your results
  • The difference between a course and mini-course.
  • Lessons Learned & Live Case Studies with Examples

Giving away free courses is all about building relationships in highly competitive markets. Strategies that worked previously are not enough to break through the noise. Here’s some key benefits you can expect:

Builds Your Community. Use an staggered approach to introduce you additional offerings. Engage new students with your community resources to deliver value. Expect to qualify new opportunities faster and provide the attention they need to take the step.

It’s Easier to Sell To New Contacts. A course can include quizzes and additional resources. It’s not limited to offering traditional optins like a pdf or video to watch. Getting your prospects to take a course is the start of the onboarding process and displays value and an investment on your part to share your information.

Opportunities for Upsells. Expect engaged learners to investigate the more expensive products and services that you provide. A great first impression removes the pressure on you to make the sale and increases the customer lifetime value (CLV) of your customers.

When you offer a free course, the customer is making the first sale an you are the customer. What are you buying? Information that gives you the opportunity to customize their experience with your business. Useful information like the customer’s username, email, demographics, interests, or even analytics data. This information makes it easy to tailor the marketing approach for paid courses and up-sell the rest of your offerings.

Enroll now. Get introduced to one of our courses and learn how to grow you business by giving away courses.

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • 11 Quizzes

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