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Earn Referral Fees By Sharing Free Courses

Get Paid for Sharing the Training Site Courses, Classes, Tutorials and Community

When you signed up we created an affiliate tracking link for you.  Just share the free community memberships and benefit when any referrals purchase our done for you services or courses.  We’ve create your private link and all the tools you need to add graphics to your own site and send emails to share the news.

Dashboard Affiliate Program Details

  • When you join the site you are automatically added to our referral program.
  • We’ve set everything up for you, all that’s required is your sharing your link to ask other members to join the campus.
  • These lesson goes over where to find your affiliate links and how to use them.
  • The direct link to the affiliate dashboard is https://teachonline.io/affiliate-area It’s also available from the ‘My Billing’ menu in the sidebar.
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  • You can create links to any page on the TeachOnline Site
  • When you generate the URL that link will send your referrals directly to that TeachOnline URL that you entered.
  • Once you’ve sent visitor to the site you’ll want to find out how many of those referral ended up making a purchase at TeachOnline.io.  This page shows you exactly how many purchases have been made on the WPGrow site using your referral link.
  • If you’ve made a referral that resulted in a TeachOnline Campus Sale the Payout’s tab will show you if we’ve sent the referral commission to you.   Note that only the PAID commissions are shown here.
  • If you’ve made a referral with any of your affiliate links the Visit tab will show you the details of that visit.  This page will also give you some indication of what percentage of the referrals you make actually end up earning  you a commission.
  • This is the paypal email address that any referral payouts will be made to.
  • We’ve added some basic marketing materials for you to use when you market the TeachOnline site with your affiliate links.  You’re not limited to these materials and links. Feel free to create your own marketing materials and direct links to our landing page, optins, and free courses.
  • We’ve added some graphics, links and email copy for you to use with your referral links.

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