Create Your Online Courses Quizzes First

Create You Online Courses Quizzes First

Here’s a quick tip.

I usually find there’s two types of courses. There’s a what to do course, and then there’s a how to do course. And most people, when they’re putting together a what to do course, they actually do it backwards.

Here’s my suggestion. When you are teaching someone what to do, start with the quizzes and the answers that you want people to have at the end of the course.

A how to do course, obviously guide someone to do something at the end of the course. We just want to make sure in a what to do course that they actually know what it is we’re trying to teach ’em. They know the strategies of the process they would have to apply.

The easiest way to build a course is to actually figure out what questions you need the learner to answer and structure your course based on the quizzes, not on the lessons and topics that you’re gonna put together.

We did this recently for a client. He had a slide deck, 135 slides, had to put together an actual course the way we broke it down, figure out the quizzes, and then structure the course.

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