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Don’t bother selling information products they’re a huge waste of time!

I made my first online sales in 2001, five years after I started trying.  I’m not proud of that stat, but it’s true.

I did almost everything wrong.   Mostly because I was treating the web like something it wasn’t  – a digital transaction.  Getting caught up in the technical aspects of online selling is easy and today it’s the biggest problem online sellers face.

A sale whether online or offline is always a psychological transaction, not a digital transaction and if you forget that your sales will suffer.

Still Selling Information Products?

If you are you’re making a mistake.  Selling information is like selling digital transactions.  It’s the logical part of the sale not the emotional part that drives the behavior of your customers and students.  If this all sounds a bit too touchy-feely  for you listen in to today’s podcast where I reveal why selling information products is a waste of time.


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