This Video is BANG ON! After 15 years of online marketing I’ve seen more than my fair share of stupid marketers ruin great technology… With all the hype and buzz surrounding Social Media it’s not hard to find marketers who are abusing cool technology that COULD and SHOULD be used to build your small business.

Ghost Tweeting and Bot Tweeting are 2 easy ones that come to mind… check out this article for more details.

The other thing that really irks me is the “Social Media Guru”. To see what’s really going on checkout this great video.  As a side note make sure to checkout the free service that is used to create this marketing video.  It’s a great example of viral video marketing.  Called XTRANORMAL this free server allows you to turn any text/narration into a flash movie. is the site and here is the video.  Please watch it and thing about how it relates to how you have decided to position your small business.

Click Here To Watch The YouTube Video

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