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You are on the teach open classroom today. And what are we gonna be covering? Well I’m gonna show you, actually this is kind of an ad hoc one. Again, I try and do these as open classrooms based on questions that we get or I don’t get. And Then try and put something together that will help you out if your coach or consultant, someone who’s interested in selling or teaching online, and you want to have your classroom, you wanna have a membership site, you wanna be able to create and sell courses.

So if that’s you, we’ve got some great information for you today. Just going through what normally happens when someone creates a course, whether it be their first course, or maybe they’ve created some courses already. And they’re asking the big question how come this isn’t selling? Why is my course not selling?

So that’s what we’re gonna cover today. I have about, I think I’ve got 12 or 13 points on things that are probably forgotten. So we’re gonna go over those and they’ll give you a little surprise at the end. Not a surprise, a quick bonus at the end on how you can overcome these 12 pieces. And I’m also gonna talk about kind of the.

Big problems that start off when people are trying to sell their course. So we’ll cover that material. I’m gonna make a couple changes here on my setup and see if we can. There we go. Get some tracking set up and back onto this beautiful face for today’s live webcast. So, what’s happening? How are we doing this?

Here’s what’s gonna happen. I am am gonna show a little bit of some mind map stuff, which I use laying all of this out a little bit later.

But I wanna go over and just talk about. the huge problem most people have when they’re selling courses, and the big problem is, is that there’s kind of a process that starts out when people get started, which doesn’t really help them, like what normally happens when someone does a course. So I’ll go through those kind of quickly.

And the biggest pro, these are, I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I got seven actually, that we can talk about today. But there’s seven kind of things that happen normally when people create their course or first course, and they’re wondering how come it hasn’t sold? Or how come I’m not selling any.

So here’s, here’s kind of the first thing.

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