Having Trouble Creating Course Content?

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Create Quick Online Courses From Your Digital Exhaust

How do I create an online course, one that people will pay for?

That’s the question I hear often from professionals who are want to earn an automated income from “what they know” as opposed to “what they do”.  The webinar we recorded today, only included audio, there’s wasn’t any video included.  So you might be asking what does that have to do with creating an online course?

Listen in and find out – actually listen in OR read what I mean.

Training Sites
Training Sites
Having Trouble Creating Course Content?
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See this audio also turned into a direct transcription about 5 minutes after it was completed and I’ve included it in this post.   The service that I used called temi.com used artificial intelligence to transcribe the audio file in under 5 minutes.  I had the entire text of a 60 minute conversation ready for use as content for a course.

Can you interview someone? Do you talk to customers during the day?  Do you work with partners on projects?  These are all interactions that can be captured and turned into content for courses.  Capture what you’re already doing! Capture your Digital Exhaust.

Easy Course Content Ideas

Download the Transcription:

This call lasted a little over 60 minutes. The transcription was 10000 words nearly 14 pages of content!.  Download it now, checkout the simple organized archive with speaker breaks and time codes.  If you want to create course content, this is the way to get started without having to create an professional suite of videos.

Start capturing what you’re already doing!  Create your archive of audio and text to organize into single or multiple courses.

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