My Worst Marketing Mistake

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My Worst Marketing Mistake
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This is Secret 1267 of the 52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing and a marketing mistake that I hope you never make!

Where did 1267 come from?

Well that’s the number of posts I’ve published on this one blog since those original Internet Marketing secrets came out way back in 2001.   Even though they’re posts, technically they’re Podcasts or Vlogs,  with mp3 audio files or mp4 video files embedded in each post.  So you might be asking … what’s the big mistake?

It’s the 52 Secrets of Course, or more importantly that I didn’t’ continue marketing myself with the 52 secret format.

Listen to today’s podcast and think about how focused your message is or was or needs to be if your goal is like mine to have a real business with real long term revenues.

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