How Perspective Changes Your Marketing

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How Perspective Changes Your Marketing
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Perspective Changes Everything!

My chronologically challenged father in law left me with a great marketing message yesterday.  During one of our daily phone calls he mentioned that “those elderly women” in a steel drum band were coming to play music later in the day.    He had seen the band before and quite enjoys the music they play.

It surprised me that he referred to them as “those elderly women” so I asked how old they were… His straight forward answer was “In there 50’s”!

I burst out laughing and asked him if he was elderly then… again his straight forward answer was “No”.   Finally I asked him how old he was and after thinking about it a bit he conceded that he was the “elderly” one.

There’s a great marketing lesson in the exchange that we had about age and perspective that I’d like you to consider and that’s why I did up a quick podcast for you to keep in mind as you work through the Hub and Spoke WordPress Marketing processes of Capture, Package and Promote.


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