WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 39

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Teach Online
WordPress Blog Marketing Secret 39
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266 days ago you were subscribed to 52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing by James Maduk.

The Gold Is In The List!

Is it?

I’ve got a number of email lists. One of them contains 60,000 email addresses, another has 29,000 addresses and my final list contains approx. 3500 subscribers. Can you guess which list I guard more closely?

If you are selling online you have to visit “Build My List”

Listen closely because I’m about to tell you the 38th secret. One of 52 that will guide you in your quest for online sales.

Each Secret is an small MP3 audio file that you can listen to while you are connected to the internet. If you are a windows user and want to save the MP3 file to your hard drive, “right mouse” click and then choose “save as”. You are free to redistribute these files as long as they kept intact.

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