Want More Sales?

Then consider adding Affiliate Marketing To Your WordPress Marketing.

WordPress Plugins make it easy to give your Blog more visibility, increased traffic AND more sales with the right Affiliate Marketing Plugin.

Today I wanted to let you know that we added a new course at WPHomeroom.com that shows you how to Install, Setup and Configure the AffiliateWP plugin the right way so you can enjoy increased sales from affiliate marketing.

(Heads up… we’re covering a couple of affiliate tracking options at WPhomeroom)

We can because we host and support customers who are using completely different WordPress plugins (even standalone affiliate tracking software) to track and manage affiliates on their WordPress Blogs.

Get Higher Visibility, More Traffic and Increase Sales!

AffilateWP is my personal favorite and the one we use on WPHomeroom so I wanted to start by showing you how we’re using it and how it works.

You have an affiliate program right?

If you aren’t using affiliates as part of your marketing mix I’m betting that you’re not….

Sure What Affiliate Marketing Is?

Sound like you?

Then Watch The First Lesson https://wphomeroom.com/lessons/wpaffiliate-plugin-overview/

It’s a quick overview, not specific the AffiliateWP plugin that we cover in this WPHomeroom course.  But is still gives you and idea of what happens when you have add a Virtual Sales Staff to your WordPress Powered Business.


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