What’s Really Changed With WordPress 4

Find out during this weeks WordPress 4.0 Online Event!

DATE: Wednesday September 10th, 1:00 PM Eastern – Claim Your Free Spot

It’s now wonder that major sites like Flickr, TechCrunch, eBay and Best Buy all use WordPress – It Rocks!

Event though it was initially developed as a basic blogging platform, WordPress has evolved in the last 11 years to a full-fledged popular content management system (CMS), capable of hosting static and dynamic content, e-commerce and event calendars, audio and video podcasts, and more, thanks largely to an expansive plugin system and a supportive community.

Now with 23 % of the top 10 million Alexa-ranked websites using WordPress, it dwarfs the competition.

This week saw a major numeric release but does it include a significant upgrade to the platform?

That’s what we’ll be covering in this weeks WordPress training event.

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