Why I didn’t use this domain name

I have a bunch of really old domain names.

My first domain name was virtualselling.com which I registered in June of 1996.

There’s been well over 100 since then all of them used for a standalone web site or at least a redirect to another domain.

Except one.


Which is registered in October of 2003 – seventeen years ago today.

I bought it just when the “for dummies” books started to come out hoping that I’d have time to change my Internet Marketing for small Business training and ebook to be converted to a for dummies book.

It never happened.

The only thing that ever did happen was cease and desist letters from Wiley & Sons publishing. 🙂 So for now the domain name will get renewed until I write a book (never going to happen) or someone wants to buy the name.

Are you sitting on any domains?

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